The Hunt for Zorba (Part-10 : Final Part)


Hunters dread this day.

The last day of the season is an emotional one, especially if a hunter hasn’t bagged anything yet. As to the whitetail, I’m not sure how they feel but I have a sneaky feeling they sense that freedom is nigh.

Unlike the beginning of season, when everything seems possible, the last day can see many different endings – a memorable buck, succulent meat for the table the rest of the year. Or a cold, wet and barren day, frozen triggers, cramps and just the sound of scampering hooves, getting away unscathed.

Either way, it is a day to wrap up all those hunting tales baking within – to be told and retold and embellished as the years go by.

But sometimes – just sometimes – the last day of the hunt brings with it the urge within a hunter to turn over a new leaf and be a better man….

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The Hunt for Zorba (Part-10 : Final Part)