The Hunt for Zorba (Part-5)


If you want ta start hunting like a pro, listen very carefully….

Here is how it goes down here in Canada. First, you get yourself a hunting license . It is around a hundred bucks, you attend a one-day course on hunting regulations and firearms safety and then at the end of the day, you have ta pass an exam on everything you learned.

But don’t worry, you’ll pass – the system is rigged to see that you pass. The Departement du Faune et Parcs  of Quebec needs your membership for their financial survival and the gun manufacturers need your order. Remember the way  a company hires it’s external auditors, who then go into a stupid pantomime of auditing the same company that is paying them ta do the audit and in the end gives it pass anyway? Same thing.

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The Hunt for Zorba (Part-5)