Drive-by terrorism

Drive-by terrorism-1

The nut who couldn’t get a screw. Elliot Rodger (Photo source: The Independent)

There isn’t a single moment when I’m not thankful for deciding to migrate to Canada instead of the US. In Canada, if you want to own a handgun, you can, but the application and vetting process is so elaborate that by the time you actually hold that brand new Colt in your hands, the cops will know what even your fart smells like. It is still very dangerous around these parts. Next to cocaine, gun-running into Canada from the US is the most lucrative smuggling activity.

But south of the border, it is a different story. It is that time of the year in the US. It is frequently that time of the year there actually, time for blubbering parents and sobbing granddads eulogizing slaughtered toddlers and teenagers who didn’t make it back home from the deli. It is time for even a President or two, to choke up and invoke the almighty lord on national TV.

This time it is 22-year Elliot Rodger, a reasonably attractive and well-to-do young man having a movie-director father driving a 4-liter BMW328. Just a couple of days back, he armed himself with a Glock34 and two SIG SauerP226 pistols, got into his BMW and blasted up the neighborhood, killing 6 and wounding 13 because no one was ready to f—k him.

Seemingly Rodger had everything going for him. He certainly didn’t want for any material things, even by American standards. I can safely say that, for every Elliot Rodger, there are at least a million 22-year olds in India who have a far more compelling reason to want to acquire a gun and go out and mow folk down, than just ‘oh, girls don’t want to have sex with me’.

The night before his rampage, Elliot Rodger posted a video on YouTube in which he appeared calm and collected, smiling frequently, flicking his glance casually this way and that. Though he did not seem like he had memorized his lines, he nevertheless appeared in full control and methodical in his thoughts and showed no sign of being under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. Laughingly he said he was going to take revenge on ‘humanity’, like as if he was playing a part in one of his Dad’s movies. He did not seem bitter at all, when he said in a surreal, matter-of-fact tone,”…girls have never been attracted to me…”

With the most recent Santa Barbara shootings, it is time again for teary-eyed candle-lit vigils, time for vigil-quality candle makers to push for immediate sales before the inevitable ‘vigil-fatigue’ starts setting in. Americans tire of grieving after a while.

Drive-by terrorism-2

The boom times are here, for candle makers (Photo source: NBCNews)

Americans have politicians who just want to throw a billion into the building of a monument, award posthumous medals, distribute a million or so to each bereaved family, strike out blindly in revenge at folks half way across the world, that are completely innocent of any wrong-doing and then stand in queue, holding more candles in their palms, when the C130s land with all the body bags from overseas.Of course, given the recent shenanigans that have come to light within the US’s Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the servicemen inside those body-bags are probably better off dead than alive. Crippled or traumatized, they would be needing care. In the recent weeks, the world has seen first-hand just how much American politicians love to care for their own wounded soldiers.

In essence, Americans just want to forget that the bad things ever happened, right after they happen. In their parlance, they want someone to make the bad times ‘go away’, asap. But the Satan is evolving. Random drive-by terrorism is his new tool. He has Americans by the balls like never before. Unlike Iraq and Afghanistan, there is no one to throw a tantrum on, no one to blame but their own selves. This time, there is no ‘coalition of the willing’ to gather around them but their own fellow citizens.

Soldiers carry a coffin containing the body of a Turkish soldier towards a waiting plane in Van

Death without the pomp appears unthinkable. Failing to take care of wounded veterans is not? (Photo source: Wikimedia)

I want to say that it is that time of the year, in the land of ‘the free’. Or shall we say, the land of ‘the righteous with the right to bear arms’. May their gun-exchange sites, where they can exercise their right to exchange their Uzis for someone’s near-new Mauser, blossom. I want to be bitter and say that may the Smiths and the Wessons multiply and learn to live with the Glocks. I want to be sarcastic and snidely remark that there is plenty of blood there for everybody. I want to rail against the NRA and the largest lobbying machine in the world.

I want to think that maybe the constitutional right to bear arms was meant for the American folk of the 17th century. Normal, well-adjusted folk. I want to believe that perhaps it is time for the leaders of the free world to admit that they live in a gravely ill nation, its mind warped with the burden of guilt, of centuries of horrific slavery on one hand and unprovoked aggression and entitlement, on the other. I could be convinced that it is a Christian nation which finds itself traumatized by guilt, from repeatedly doing un-Christian things.

But I could be wrong if I believed all those things to be all-encompassing.

If their politicians will give them half a chance, Americans are far bigger hearted than all the rest of us. When there is a natural calamity anywhere in the world, the Americans will always be the first to arrive at the scene, ready to deliver aid. The amount of private American funding that has gone into say, the eradication of AIDS (to a point today where it no longer kills even in impoverished African nations), is more than double what has come from the pockets of citizens of other developed nations. The first boots to enter through the gates of Auschwitz in 1945, were American boots, GIs who unflinchingly proceeded to bodily carry filthy, disease-ridden inmates to the waiting vans.

As a nation, America will not only survive these tumultuous times, but emerge bigger and stronger, completely retooled. America is yet to peak. However, I am pragmatic. I would prefer to watch America retool itself, from the outside, thank you.

My bro is visiting Florida this summer and he wanted me to make it down there to meet him but I want to live, I told him.

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