The Anatomy of the Iblis (Part-1) – The Velvet Glove


…..The American might have been playing the part of a tourist but his true intent was to study the layout of the city and to this end, he wandered around, recording not only the sights but also his own voice as he narrated into the camera the places that he filmed, including whether some of those places could be considered as his Plan-B strategic targets.

One building in particular caught the American’s fancy, even though it appeared unremarkable. It was a nondescript office building that had the offices of Thai Airways, the Dexia Bank and other commercial firms. He biked by the building multiple times, studying not only the structure but the traffic patterns around it, throughout the day. He also noted the presence of one vehicle that seemed to be a permanent fixture in the scenery – a police van, parked across the road from the building……

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The Anatomy of the Iblis (Part-1) – The Velvet Glove






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